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Diamond Reconstruction is for damaged, dry, and brittle hair. This product will help reconstruct damaged hair, nourish, and moisturize dry brittle hair leaving hair softer and visibly healthier. It also contains proteolytic enzymes to help repair dead cells.

✅ Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice
✅ Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein
✅ Panthenol
✅ Collagen

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DIRECTIONS: Apply a generous and even amount of product to clean and towel-dried hair. Massage from roots to ends making sure all hair is covered and let it work for at least 10 minutes, if you have more time to let it work the better.

Diamond Reconstruction will help nourish, hydrate, and restructure damaged and dry hair. Leaving hair softer and visibly healthier.


ALOE BARBADENSIS LEAF JUICE: Aloe vera contains proteolytic enzymes that help repair dead skin cells on the scalp,  it helps prevent itching on the scalp and reduce dandruff. It also works as a great conditioner leaving your hair smooth and shiny.

HYDROLYZED KERATIN PROTEIN: Increases the diameter of hair fibers giving a fuller appearance to fine and thin hair. Keratin protein also increases the ability of the hair to retain moisture preventing breakage and flyaways.

HYDROLYZED WHEAT PROTEIN: Helps reduce hair’s porosity and strengthens it from within, making it healthier and easier to style. It also increases the hair’s ability to receive and retain moisture reducing frizz and making it more manageable.

HYDROLYZED RICE PROTEIN: Helps increase hair volume and adds shine. It also helps moisture to bind with the hair increasing its flexibility and strength. This strengthening helps the hair prevent future damage and breakage.

PANTHENOL: It is a vitamin B-5 derivative that helps add moisture, shine, and elasticity and works as a great detangler.

COLLAGEN: Provides amino acids that help build hair, and help fight damage to hair follicles acting as an antioxidant against free radicals. May prevent hair thinning associated with aging due to thickening and increasing the surrounding hair bulb.


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