Dramatics NYC 2146 Bdwy & 75th


Dramatics NYC 2146 Bdwy & 75th

Hair Cuts for New Yorkers


Relax in an intimate salon space that is full of natural light. We have a price range and hair professionals for everyone. Feel free to discuss your expectations with our receptionist and they will do their best to make sure you are elated with the end result. All colorist at Dramatics NYC hair salon is THc color certified.

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Dramatics NYC 2146 Broadway New York, NY 10023
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Dramatics NYC 2146 Bdwy & 75th 2 reviews

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2 reviews
  • Dorothy L.

    When it came time for the haircut, the stylist’s expertise in the latest creative cutting techniques became evident. They listened attentively to my preferences and discussed various styling options that would suit my face shape and features. Their knowledge and passion for their craft were apparent as they skillfully transformed my hair into a work of art.

    The stylist’s attention to detail during the haircut was impressive. Every snip and trim was executed with precision, resulting in a beautifully customized cut that exceeded my expectations. They took the time to ensure that each strand was perfectly styled, creating a look that perfectly complemented my individuality.

    Once the cut was complete, the stylist proceeded to style my hair with finesse and creativity. They expertly used their tools and products to enhance the shape and texture of my hair, leaving me with a stunning final result. The hairstylist’s ability to effortlessly create a hairstyle that suited both my personality and the latest trends was truly remarkable.

    Throughout the entire Shampoo Cut & Style Service, the staff at DNYC on 2146 Broadway and 75th cross street exhibited exceptional professionalism and a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction. They made me feel valued and ensured that I left the salon feeling confident and elated with the end result.

    In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend the Shampoo Cut & Style Service at DNYC on 2146 Broadway and 75th cross street. If you’re looking for a salon that offers not only top-notch hair care but also personalized attention and a warm atmosphere, this is the place to be. Trust the skilled stylists at this location to deliver an exceptional hair transformation that will leave you feeling fabulous.

  • Margaret D.

    I must admit, I was a bit apprehensive at first, as I had never tried Botox for my hair before. However, the knowledgeable stylist at DNYC on 2146 Broadway 75th Street quickly put my concerns to rest. They took the time to explain the process to me thoroughly and answered all my questions with patience and expertise.

    The Botox treatment was a game-changer for my hair. It worked wonders in rejuvenating and transforming my locks. The stylist skillfully applied the Botox formula, targeting areas that needed extra care and attention. The treatment helped to reduce frizz, smooth out my hair texture, and enhance its overall shine and manageability.

    I was amazed at the immediate results of the Botox Service. My hair felt incredibly soft, silky, and nourished. The treatment had a noticeable effect on improving the health and appearance of my hair, making it look and feel rejuvenated. I couldn’t help but run my fingers through my revitalized locks, feeling like I just stepped out of a high-end salon.

    Throughout the service, the stylist demonstrated their expertise and skill. They paid close attention to detail, ensuring that the Botox treatment was applied precisely and evenly. Their professionalism and attention to my needs made me feel valued as a customer.

    I must commend the staff at DNYC on 2146 Broadway 75th Street for their exceptional customer service. They went above and beyond to ensure that my experience was nothing short of extraordinary. Their dedication to creating a personalized and enjoyable salon visit was truly appreciated.

    In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend the Botox Service at DNYC on 2146 Broadway 75th Street. If you’re seeking a salon that offers professional and transformative Botox treatments for your hair, look no further. Trust the skilled stylists at this salon to provide you with a luxurious and rejuvenating experience.

    Thank you!

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