THc hair colors Benefits

Adds shine and dimension: A good colorist can give you shades that reflect light in different ways to add interest, depth, and a rich, beautiful glow. Adds body: Hair color plumps up the hair shafts, which can temporarily add volume and body to your tresses. This is especially beneficial for those of us with fine or thin hair. Adds fun: Your hair color reflects your personality and your mood. Switching up your color is a fantastic way to create a look that reflects the inner you, broadcasting your individuality to the world!

Adds volume

Adding a subtle color to your hair can make it look thicker than it is. This is great if you have fine, limp locks and you want to provide more body and volume to your hair. Coloring your hair causes your strands to expand; thus, giving the illusion of thickness. A lot of women feel more texture in their strands after coloring their hair. Avoid single-process color if you have fine hair as it will make your hair look flat. Rather, you want to do a double process with very subtle highlights. When your hair color has dimension, it looks fuller.

Makes your hair shiny

People with dull, dry hair might want to give hair coloring a try. When done right, you’ll get glossy, beautiful tresses in just an hour or less. Dyeing your hair creates more varied hues that pick up and reflect light in different ways; hence, making your hair smooth and shiny.

Play up your features

Just like makeup, strategically placed hair color can enhance your facial features. Slightly lighter shades are recommended for more mature women as they help minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Plus, they add a glow to your face, giving you a more youthful look. If you have a round face, colorists usually add lowlights that are a shade darker than your base along with your hairline. This will make your face look less round because it adds depth and accentuates your facial contours.

Enhance your haircut

Choosing a hair color that complements your style will turn a good haircut into an amazing one. If you have bangs, we suggest coloring your hair a single color to avoid the stripey, zebra-like effect. You want your hair to look as if they’re lying smoothly. Meanwhile, it is recommended to add highlights throughout if you have long layers. They add definitions to varying lengths and accentuate each layer.

Customized Color

If you have a specific hair color in mind, then you may not be able to find a box of hair dye that exactly meets your expectations. Instead of settling for a color that isn’t what you wanted, a professional can create a customized color that will meet your needs.
Professionals aren’t limited to the colors you can find on the grocery store shelf. They have hundreds of different colors at their disposal, not to mention they can mix two or three colors to create your ideal shade. Additionally, if you have a specific style that you want to achieve using multiple colors, then it is much easier for a professional to create your desired look instead of trying to section off and dye different strands by yourself.

It’s Safer for Your Hair

Many people worry about their hair falling out if they play with too many chemicals, and if you dye your hair from a box, then this is a valid concern. Store-bought hair dyes often contain a lot of chemicals to help dye your hair without any additional products, and using these types of dyes over and over again can cause a lot of damage to your hair. However, at a professional salon, it’s important to remember that your color artist is trained to not only produce a high-quality result but to also protect your hair in the process.

Your Color Is Done Correctly

Those who have used DIY methods to color their hair in the past have most likely encountered a problem or two that results in a color that is less than ideal. DIY hair dye kits are often messy, and it’s not very easy to control where the color goes on your head, especially if you’re dying your hair on your own. When you go to a professional hair studio, you have the confidence of knowing that your hair is being colored correctly. Instead of playing a guessing game of what your hair will look like when it’s dried and styled, you can rest assured that your color artist knows what they are doing and can produce the desired results.

Professional Dye Lasts Longer

Many people like DIY hair dye kits because of the price. The boxes of dye you buy at the store are usually pretty affordable, which makes them a great option for those looking to try something new. That being said, most at-home dye kits don’t last very long, and you may find yourself buying another one in just a few weeks to help keep your hair vibrant. It’s no secret that having your hair dyed at a salon isn’t the cheapest option, but you have to keep in mind how much you get for that price. Not only do you get the environment of the salon and the skills of your stylist, but you also get professional-quality hair dye that will last much longer than a kit that you bought at the store. As you can imagine, the professional dye may cost more up-front, but you won’t have to keep going back to the salon as frequently to keep it looking its best.

Establish a Foundation

One of the most important things you need to keep in mind when you visit a salon is that your hair is an investment. The first time you have your hair dyed, there is a good chance that it will be a more expensive appointment, but that is only because your stylist is laying the groundwork. Over time, your appointments may end up costing less because your color artist won’t have to dye all of your hair. Instead, they will be able to make small touchups to keep it fresh!