Partner Testimonials


Colorist: Cello

“Hello everybody my name is Marcelo Casa and I’ve been in hair colors for over 20 years throughout my career I had the experience of working with many different hair types and textures and have been very hard to find a product that can fit the everyday woman to come out better and to have a long-lasting result I have met the THC a couple of years ago which I fell in love they’re a combination of argan oil or carbon oil the combination of argan oil and the height and CBD oils maintain and keep your hair healthy and natural and the most important to is the pigmentation that that color has which has a long-lasting result for your great coverage as well as adding that beautiful texture and how can you call it um texture in uh you can cut this Integrity no it’s very texturing Dimension to the hair as it is covered as I’m just gonna go back for the part that.”

Colorist: Charm

“Hi, I’m Irina No as a Charm I’ve been a colorist for more than 20 years working with different companies with Villa with color stone with Redken many many many different ones now we have switched to THC and I like the results from this product it gives you good coverage for a Grace it gives you very bright and shiny colors and makes hair just feels so good and healthy so really recommend it.”


“I’ve been in colors for 22 years I have worked with so many colors one of them is well La Alpha part church called Pravana Swanson but lately I’ve been working with GHC and I love it this is one of them a top color line I work with I never worked before it has he has oil.

CBD oil helps stops itching has much shine and lasts longer it’s amazing and it’s and it always looks great it comes in different shades from dark to Red to Black and I love it this is an amazing color.”

Colorist: Glitter

“Hello, my name is Shannon AKA Glitter I have been a colorist for 11 years and exclusively using Matrix for a majority of that time uh two years ago I found THC color and my life has changed the gray coverage is phenomenal the fade is wonderful and my clients are so happy with it no ammonia no PPD healthy hair all the way.”

Colorist: Cherry

“Hello, my name is Elena I’ve been a certified colorist for 20 years I love working with THC color because you know pursue is no ammonia hair color it gives absolutely 100 coverage of Gray it provides a lot of shine it’s you know I love it for longevity and you know what it makes the texture of the hair great you know very nice and soft and you know just enjoy it I enjoy you know working with it thank you so much.”

Colorist: Mimi

“Hello everyone my name is Mimi I’ve been a hairstylist for the last 14 years I’ve been satisfied with different color companies like Redken Voila Squash Car and Alcohol now for the last three years I’ve been certified by THC color and I love it because most of the time a lot of my clients they complain about the itchiness it’s about burning the minute I apply the colors now the tasty color helped me in helping my client not to have that problem because the CBD oil in it and the color the house minimizing the itchiness and it’s called burning and then 100 great coverage and then add a lot of Shine for the hair and nurse into so I love it and I’ve been working it for the last three years”

Colorist: Omega

“Hi, my name is Omega I’ve been a hairdresser for 30 years and I’ve been working with the THC color for about two or three years being a trainer working with Wella working with Fidel testing and some other color companies my favorite thing that I love about working this cup with this color is the incredible shine that it gives the hair the Integrity of the hair is still intact the great coverage is amazing and it’s a great product creative not worry about damaging your hair or any kind of dryness to the hair has great condition after the hair it lasts incredibly it’s one of my favorite choices. Thank you.”

Colorist: Zap

“Hello Anthony and Drew AKA Zap I’ve been doing hair color for over 35 years in New York City and I’m certified with over 35 different hair color companies all over the world from Wella to Goldwell to Pravana one of my favorite colors is THC New York city-based hair color one of my favorite aspects of this color is not just the vibrancy which is absolutely beautiful red gorgeous blondes but I love the shine that the neutrals give you because usually when you neutralize a hair color and get rid of warm you don’t get that shine but you get that shine with THC it’s one of the best colors in New York.”